On Point Deck Staining uses only professional deck staining products that will enhance the longevity of your deck.

How often should I clean, stain and seal my deck?
To protect and maintain the look of your deck, you should re-stain it every 2 to 3 years.

Can I stain and seal my deck when it is wet?
The wood on your deck should be dry for at least 24 hours AND should stay dry for at least 24 hours after staining.

How long will it take for the deck stain to dry?
Most stains will dry within 24 hours of application.

Will the sample color of the stain look different once it is dry?
This can depend on the type of wood.  However, the color should be very similar to the sample.

Does power washing damage the wood?
With my equipment and technique, I ensure no damage will happen to your deck.

Do I need a sealer and a stain?
A clear sealer will only protect the wood from water damage.  However, the stain I use, contains a sealant and protects the deck from UV light while adding aesthetic color to your deck.

Can you wash and seal a deck in just one day?
We will need to pressure wash your deck at least 48 hours before staining.



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